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Protecting & Serving the Public

As the accounting profession in Alberta has unified under CPA Alberta, information about protecting the public can now be found on www.cpaalberta.ca.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta (ICAA) is the body that regulates the Chartered Accounting profession in Alberta. The Institute operates under provincial legislation, the Regulated Accounting Profession Act, the purpose of which is to protect the public; protect the integrity of the accounting profession; promote and increase the competence of registrants; and regulate the conduct of registrants.

The Institute’s Professional Standards department supports this mandate by developing and reviewing the ICAA's regulations, by-laws, council resolution, and rules of professional conduct and related guidelines. The department also investigates ethical and competency complaints from the public regarding members, students, professional corporations and public accounting firms, and takes disciplinary action where required.

Tribunals are quasi-judicial bodies comprised of CA volunteers and appointed public members. A Discipline Tribunal adjudicates allegations of unprofessional conduct, hears evidence, makes findings of guilt and innocence and imposes sanctions. An Appeal Tribunal adjudicates appeals of decisions of Registration and Practice Review committees and Discipline Tribunals. The Tribunals area provides administrative and logistical support and monitors compliance with orders. For a list of upcoming hearings, click here

Practice Review protects the public by assessing the compliance with professional standards of Public Accounting Firms and professional service providers by taking appropriate follow-up or remedial action in instances of non-compliance. The public is further protected by practice review providing an educational experience to the firms.

The ICAA also offers a number of services to the public. These services include the CA Firm referral service, which provides names and contact information of Chartered Accounting firms that match searchers’ requirements; Registration Verification service, which allows users to verify if a CA or Public Accounting Firm is currently registered; as well as a Job Postings page.

The ICAA has no jurisdiction on how much a member may charge for professional services. However, to help settle a fee disagreement between two parties, the ICAA offers, with the consent of both parties, a Fee Mediation and Arbitration Service.

Additional services can be selected from the side-menu.