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Centennial 2010
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Seminar Leader Biography


Over the last 25 years Brett has established a global reputation for his work in the performance measurement and management area. Brett has been involved with strategic performance measurement since working along with Drs Kaplan and Norton in the late 1980’s – in fact every book they have written cite his clients as examples of best practices – three have been awarded their prestigious “Hall of Fame” award. Brett also founded the first Balanced Scorecard application and has created a number of innovative scorecard implementation methodologies which have been licensed by consulting and software organizations, including the CMA and AICPA. Brett and his organization have completed over 2,000 scorecard projects around the world. His clients include Nike, State Farm Insurance, British Aerospace and Bank of America. In the public sector they include the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Miami-Dade School Board and the IRS. In Canada our clients include DND, Ontario Ministry of Finance, Workers Insurance Board, B.C. Ministry of Natural Resources. Other Canadian clients include Meridian Credit Union, Jane’s Foods, McCain, and Medavie-Bluie Cross.