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Centennial 2010
  • Location:


Level: General
Competency: People Management and Personal Development
Seminar Code: 99402
Format: Webinars
CPD Hours: 2
Availability: Spaces available

Register before Jan 24, 2019 and pay the early fee!
Date: Saturday, Feb 02, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM-3:00 PM

Meeting Room:
Fee Options: Tickets Required: 3 ticket(s)
Fee Required: $139.99 - Early Member
$139.99 - Early Non-Member
$139.99 - Regular Member
$139.99 - Regular Non-Member
Seminar Description: If you want to better understand why managing stress matters to your overall health, well-being, and success – both personal and professional, then this foundational seminar is for you! This insightful, interactive webinar explores the essential elements required to monitor and manage stress effectively. From impacts on our physical body, to the consequences of stress including its impact on how we think and relate to other people.

The participant must be logged in during the live webinar and participate when prompted. Failure to participate and respond to the prompts will result in no credit earned for the seminar as attendance will be monitored and recorded. Recordings of a live webinar will not be available after it has concluded.
Seminar Outline:
Who Will Benefit: Whether we’re a busy professional, working parent, business owner, team-member, project leader, or entrepreneur, we all need to learn techniques to ‘bust stress’ – at work and at home. If you have to balance constant demands, manage conflicting priorities, work in a high paced environment, or lead a challenging team.
Seminar Leader(s): DENEGA, Karen
Special Notes:
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