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Centennial 2010
  • Location:

Excel With Macros & VBA – Level 1 – Data Input & Navigation

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Competency: Information Technology
Seminar Code: 01702
Format: E-Learning - 4 weeks
CPD Hours: 9.5
Availability: This seminar occurs in the past. To view other offerings of this seminar, go to "Additional Offerings"

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Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Time: 12:00 AM-12:00 PM

Meeting Room:
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Fee Required: $300.00 - Early Member
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$300.00 - Regular Non-Member
Seminar Description: A key aspect to this training is learning to generate VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code by using “Macro Recording Best Practices”. These best practices enable the generation of VBA code that requires little or no modification. Therefore, this training is a worksheet-centric approach to creation of Macro/VBA code. This is very different from the traditional Code-Centric approach taught by the vast majority of VBA courses. While a Code Centric approach is used during Level 3 training, by then, students are better equipped to handle manual coding “from scratch”. As a result, Training Levels 1 and 2 provide “a truly non-programmer approach” to VBA Code Creation by using a paradigm that Excel users immediately understand, namely Excel’s Worksheet Environment. Thus, typical Excel users can more easily see how to automate their repetitive Excel processing.
Each Worksheet Oriented Macro Recording Session, is followed by the use of Excel’s VB (Visual Basic) Editor for the examination, and as needed, modification of generated VBA code. This exposes students to manual VBA coding in very small doses. Thus, during Training Levels 1 and 2 students are being prepared for total VBA coding in Level 3.
Key aspects to this training include learning to: use AutoFill, create/use data validation, areate absolute and relative reference Macros, create static and dynamic range references, assign Macro security settings, learn to correctly save and open Excel files with Macros, create global and local Macros, create global and local range names, create messages to enable user control over Macros, identify “breakable VBA code” and know how to make it unbreakable, create worksheet buttons to simplify Macro execution, learn to use the VB editor, hide and protect sensitive workbook components from accidental user change, flag missing mandatory form inputs, create a Macro undo capability, and make Macro code backwards compatible to prior versions of Excel.
NOTE: Each course includes an Online Student Workbook (eBook), along with the Excel Files used during video training exercises. Training Videos include an On Screen Instructor which gives the feel of a live training session. And, a Responsive Help Ticketing System is used for online support, with Screen Sharing available, if needed.
Seminar Outline:
  • A Sheet-based Data Input Form, that restricts inputs to user defined “data validation” inputs.
  • Buttons used to Clear the Form, Transfer Inputs to a Database Sheet, plus Save/Close the workbook.
  • Macros that are executed for each of these buttons, which are created using the process described above.
Who Will Benefit:
Seminar Leader(s):
Special Notes: Please note that registrations must be received a more that 5 business days prior to the session start date and late registrations cannot be accepted. Required: A computer running Windows with Excel 2017-2016. Access: The 20-Self Paced Training Sessions are accessible over 4 weeks after which another 60 days of Follow-on Support is provided.
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